Monday, 20 September 2010

Beautiful Blogger

Apparently, that is me. The lovely Mrs M from At Home with Mrs M tagged me in a meme which means I get this lovely badge. She and I go back a long way - pre-blog days and I thoroughly recommend her blog which contains lots of lovely recipes as well as other great posts.

I now have to tell you seven little known facts about me and pass the award onto other bloggers. Looking at Mrs M's, I may well be nicking some stuff off her as we seem to have a few things in common. 

1. I am left handed.

Both my parents were naturally left handed, but my Mum was forced to write right handed at school. My half sister is also left handed. I assumed one of our children would also be left handed. Missy Woo showed signs of it as she was favouring her left for ages and swopping pens from hand to hand but eventually settled on being right handed. Which is probably a blessing in disguise as it can be a nuisance. 

2. I love the colour purple.

I don't know why, I just do. I have tops in just about every shade of purple going. I have got a dress in the colour, and even a mac in a purpley lilac colour! I have also seen a purple bra I'm lusting after. I love wearing purple - it gives me a lift.

3. I had my appendix out when I was 4.

Having had grumbling stomach pains for a while, I fell ill with bad stomach pains on Hallowe'en 1969. I remember my Mum sending me to bed, then the family doctor coming to examine me and deciding I need to go to hospital. An ambulance was called and I seem to remember they put the blue lights on for me. (Whether they didn't want to alarm me or not, I don't know). At the hospital, they asked me if I wanted gas or an injection to make me sleep. As I was needle averse, I asked for gas. They made me count to ten to check it was working. I remember getting to 4 and thinking "This is never going to work". I never got past 7 and woke up the next morning, my appendix having been removed in the early hours of 1st November. Apparently, I was very lucky as they removed it before it burst, but only just. 

4. I love cheese.

This is one I have to control as I'm trying to be good foodwise. Given the chance, I'd have loads in the house, although there is nearly always some, at the very least extra mature cheddar and some parmesan. I do love blue cheese, tho I am the only one in the house who does, my favourite being Blacksticks Blue, which I love more than is unhealthy given that it is JUST a cheese.

5. I share a birthday with Nigella Lawson. 

She's older than me by a few years. Can you see the similarities?!

6. I have 9 and a half toes.

My left little toe was crooked when I was small so when I was 11, I had an(other) operation to straighten it as it was hereditary. The bone in the toe was broken and the toe stitched to the next one. It doesn't bother me much except my feet look rubbish in flip flops etc. Someone once called me a freak once for having toes like that, but he was just plain nasty. We all have our little imperfections; this was mine.

7. I hate rhubarb.

This appears to be a family thing, but we all dislike rhubarb. I've tried to like it but it just isn't something I'm meant to love. And never, ever, plant rhubarb  in your garden. The only thing we worked out stopped it growng was to concrete it over. Damned stuff,. 

And now, I must tag some more....

Dawnie at Knees Up Mother Brown
and Kirsty at Gone Bananas!

Have fun and enjoy. 


  1. I hate rhubarb too, it used to grow in our garden but my Mum and Dad both loved the horrible stuff!

  2. I'm a leftie & although I like rhubarb, I sdo hate the way it makes your teeth feel odd. As for cheese - it is my undoing. I'd be thin if it wasn't for cheese Grommit!

  3. What a brilliant meme, I will definitely pop over to read everybody else's too.
    Great read, thanks!

  4. rhubarb - yuck, even in a crumble with lots of sugar its just plain bad

  5. Last year I had such bad pains in my abdomen that a paramedic was called... turned out it was just bad wind, I was mortified!! LOL
    I'm also not a fan of rhubarb, or spinach for that matter. *shudder*

  6. I'm with you on the rhubarb thing. I live minutes from the "rhubarb triangle" too...

  7. Hi Emma, thanks for commenting. Glad it's not just me on the rhubarb. Our whole family hated it but we had some in our garden. Gah. I've tried but it just tastes foul.

  8. ha ha, Julia, we have a lot in common!! Cheese is my undoing. And cheese and onion crisps. And chips. And lots of other things.... ;)

  9. Ooh, no, that doesn't sound nice, Marylin. At least if I get anything like that, I know it's not my appendix.

  10. Why, thank you! I found it was a good way to tell some shortish stories I couldn't make into whole blog posts. :)

  11. hi Zoe, thanks for commenting. Another member of the rhubarb hater club!! Feeling less of the only one now!

  12. Good, that's four of us then so far. :) I've read about the rhubarb triangle before - didn't realise it was quite so close to you. Thanks for reading and commenting anyway.

  13. My daughter is left handed. She's not yet two but we know she definitely is which is obviously not a problem but was a bit of a suprise as we are both right handed. I was worried about how I would teach her how to write and hold a pen but turns out I didn't need to worry as she already holds a pen beautifully.

  14. Thanks for tagging me! A bit worried about this rhubarb triangle -- is it anything to do with the Bermuda triangle? LOL

  15. LOL. I think it is.... it's wrong side of the Pennines to me, so that's always like disappearing into a black hole. ;) I need a bloody passport apparently. ;)

  16. Can't believe you hate rhubarb - that soooo shouldn't be allowed. Ever.

    I'm with you on the toes front, actually. I have stupid little toes. They're like half toes, I don't even have a flat nail on them, the nail points upwards so much I can't even paint it. I can't even see it, never mind paint it.

    Uragh! Toes. I don't mind so much, but I know they freak other people out - I used to stick my toes in my partners face. They are horrid. Honestly.

    I thought you meant Alice Walker's 'The Color Purple'; never mind. I guess "the colour" will do. ;)

    And Nigella? Not a patch on you, lovely ;)

    Becca x

  17. Ha! sorry, I have tried with rhubarb, but just can't get over it. I've managed to learn to like olives of all things but rhubarb uh huh.

    And thanks. I am probably as curvy as Ms Lawson but would need serious underpinning to look as good in a sweater dress. ;)


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