Monday, 16 August 2010

Review: Feel Good Kids drinks

We love Feel Good sparkling drinks in this house. I love the different flavours and that they don't add sugar to their drinks. The sweetness all comes from the fruit juices they use - which should mean it's better for you as fructose is way better than sucrose or glucose.

So, when I was asked if we'd like to try out the Feel Good Kids drinks, the answer had to be yes. Monkey and Missy Woo are good drinkers, Monkey exceptionally so. He'll gulp drinks down in 10 seconds if you don't keep an eye on - I swear he'll be ace at Yard of Ale competitions when he grows up, not that I want to think about that right now. These drinks are still and made up of two-thirds fruit juices and a third of water. And that's it. Nothing else. 

The drinks arrived in neat little cardboard boxes. All the cardboard is recyclable so that is a huge bonus over that horrible shrink wrapped packaging that lots of drinks use. Only the straw and the film covering it are not recyclable. The cartons inside are a good size to fit inside a lunchbox, and the straw is unusually easy to insert.

There are two flavours - Blackcurrants, Apples and Grapes and Oranges, Pineapples and Bananas. Within half an hour of the samples arriving, the children had tried both flavours so I grabbed a quick sip of the drinks to report on the taste. Both flavours are nicely fruity but all I could really taste was blackcurrant with a hint of apple in one and pineapple and some banana in the other. They were neither too sickly sweet nor too sharp for young children.

The packaging says they are "Not for Grown Ups" but I'd be happy to have one as a drink. That would be if my kids let me. Monkey and Missy Woo love drinks in cartons so I had to make sure they didn't drink them all in a day. As you can see from the pictures, they enjoyed drinking them very much.

My only reservation about these drinks is the price. They cost £1.99 for a box of 4 drinks. If I was buying them for lunchboxes for my two, a week's worth of drinks would cost me a fiver, which I think is quite a lot for a family on a budget, and there are similar products that cost much less. As an occasional treat, I would definitely buy them or perhaps when they are on special offer, a tactic I use with the Feel Good sparkling drinks. I like what Feel Good stands for, so I am the sort that will probably make the occasional effort to buy them for the children.

And maybe next time, they'll let me have one of my own.

Feel Good Kids drinks are available in Waitrose or Ocado, and also in BHS cafes, Little Chef, London Zoo and David Lloyd leisure centres. From September, they will also be available in Asda.

(I was provided with 4 boxes of Feel Good Kids drinks to review and have received no other compensation. The opinions stated here are my own and have no way been influenced by the aforementioned compensation.)
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