Wednesday, 23 June 2010

The Gallery - Creatures. A eulogy.

Having another go at the Gallery post this week. The theme is Creatures and I instantly knew what I was going to use. It is a bit of a eulogy to what were the household chickens.

This is Clemmie, Molly and Megan. (Names chosen by, at the time, a 3 year old and a 2 year old!) We got them from a lovely lady out on the Wyre who breeds chickens but also rescues battery hens. These are rescue hens. After a happy 3 months getting used to life on the outside, we took them away and brought them home to our back garden. This picture is them getting one of their first tastes of the garden.

We grew to love our chickens tho Missy Woo didn't take to them at all but then, they were nearly as big as her and when you went outside, they had a tendency to rush at you, looking for food. But they were good layers, only stopping over what became a quite cold winter (we're talking 2008 - 2009) for a short period. They all had their little personalities and even the kids could tell them apart.

However, they didn't last too long. Seven months after we first got them, OH went out to them one morning and found them, all dead. It looked like a fox had got them. What was ironic was that, on the odd occasion, we'd totally forgotten to shut them up at night and they'd been fine, whereas we had moved their run and they had the smallest of gaps for entry. None of us heard a thing, which is probably a good thing.

They destroyed the garden, but they gave us the best eggs. We decided not to get replacements straight away and eventually gave the chicken house away to someone. The kids missed them - Monkey asked me the same afternoon, looking at the empty chicken house, if we could get some more - but the garden became theirs again; Missy Woo was out in the garden almost as soon as we told them the chickens had gone to heaven. We might get some more - and hopefully, more rescue hens to give them a taste of freedom after the life they'd had stuck in a cage - but it's a way off, I reckon.

RIP Clemmie, Molly and Megan.


  1. Awww, but nice the children have the garden back. One of those 'oh dear, what should I say' situations :) Jen.

  2. Hi, and thanks for your comment. We did tell the children and they didn't seem all that bothered. It's kind of a delayed reaction because Missy Woo asked me only a few weeks ago where did the chickens go and were we going to get anymore. We also have surreal conversations about whether heaven is Devon etc - because my sister lives there - we had it again recently when my Mum's cat died, and they had only just got used to it when they visited her!

  3. Oh dear, but looks like they had a lovely time with you. x

  4. Oh no. That is so sad about the fox. They are beautiful chickens! We had some when we were growing up and whenever I see a little chicken coop it always reminds me of that happy time in my childhood.


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