Sunday, 23 May 2010

Back on the wagon

Since February, I've been trying to lose weight and have been fairly successful so far. My strategy is twofold - I track my food on FoodFocus and keep it under enough to aim for about 1lb loss per week, and exercise using  EA Sports Active on the Wii.

Of late, the latter has been more successful than the former. I've now completed the 30 day challenge 3 times - once on the medium setting and twice on the hard setting and I've just started another. However, being away so much in the last month, the food side of things has definitely slid. Now, generally, I've been carefulish about what I'm eating but I know if I don't start being more contained, I will slide back into not caring and then put it back on. If I do what I perceive to be over-eating, I tend to avoid logging my food. And that's bad too. When I was away at the NCT conference last week, I got photographed several times and I realised that I still have a way to go, I still look larger than I want to even though my clothes are looser. The fact is, they aren't quite as loose as they were. This has got to stop. All my mad weekends are over now, so there is no longer anything that allows me to procrastinate any further.

So, I started again this week. As it turned out, some of my days have not been that good eating wise - partly due to bad planning on my part and being out at things over mealtimes. However, I have forced myself to log as much as I can. And really, you know, I've been pleasantly surprised. I've only gone over my allowance on one day by maybe 100 calories. And even today, where I was at a kids party at lunchtime, I am under and still room for perhaps a little treat later.

Maybe the logging of food is restraining me. Maybe trying to keep myself in blissful ignorance means I give myself permission to overeat so really, the answer IS to log everything and build it in. It is too early to see results, but I'm feeling better about it already.

I will get where I want to be - and I have a very clear image of what that is, and it doesn't involve me being stick thin - because this is the one thing I am doing, just for me. Me, and no-one else. This wagon is made for one, and right now, it feels very good to be on it.
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