Monday, 19 November 2012

Meal Planning Monday - the no-shop/low-shop edition!

As you may have seen me mention last week, the fridge and freezers in our house seem to be overflowing with food so I'm going to try to avoid doing a big shop this week and use some of the things lurking away in them. The meal plan I've chosen therefore is based on leftovers (as we had roast pork yesterday), one meal carried over from last week after last week's plan got rejigged  as Monkey went out for tea on a different day and didn't want to miss the chicken pilau, and meals based on meats or veg that we already have. Out of the whole plan, the only thing I am going to have to buy is courgettes and possibly some mushrooms - Monkey wanted to have curry this weekend and asked for it to be courgette, mushroom and potato (I know!). And for the first time in ages, we have different meals for the children and the grown ups - just because I have two portion meals in the freezer!

Don't expect any culinary novelties - I didn't want anything requiring special ingredients. Here we are.

Monday - Shredded pork with homemade barbeque sauce sandwiches with bubble and squeak cakes
Tuesday - Slow cooker chicken and mango pilau
Wednesday - Bangers and mash
Thursday - Lasagne with garlic bread
Friday - Breaded chicken steak with oven chips for the kids, casserole for the grown ups
Saturday - Courgette, mushroom and potato curry (based on this recipe)
Sunday - keeping free

This might make a bit of a dent in my freezer capacity but there will still be plenty in there. And I'll have saved a few pennies for Christmas!
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